Sound Design

Abyss Headphones came about from the need for a superior way to listen to music. From the very first note you will hear musicians and instruments in a whole new way. Voices appear out of nowhere and float in between your ears. Piano is in front of you to the left, singers in the center of your forehead while drums are slightly forward of them. No electronic tricks, simply the natural sounds of the recording coming through striking emotional chords, that's Abyss.

Abyss is a fabulous alternative to being at the Philharmonic or any live event. Purchase a quality recording, hit play and enjoy the performance at your leisure. Designed by experienced audiophiles who deeply understand the importance an emotional connection with their music has on their lives. These headphones offer a more human connection to the music and help promote calm.

Travelers who enjoy high quality music at home can now have it to go. Add a high quality portable headphone amplifier and bring your favorite music with you. Abyss is the finest portable music system money can buy.

Abyss comes as a system with high quality audiophile grade cables, leather man bag with ample room for portable electronics, and a sturdy stand to help keep the headphones safe in your home. Machined aluminum construction and high quality finishes made to last a lifetime, lambskin and leather padding for a soft connection to the ears and head, and a plethora of adjustability for fit adds to your enjoyment of music for years to come.